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Terms and Conditions

These Conditions And Terms ("Conditions And TermsInch) Condition Important Needs Relating To Your Utilization Of SV Tech Solution's Computer Support Service As Well As Your Exposure To SV Tech Solution. You Need To Read Them Carefully Because They Contain Information And Directions Relating For Your And Our Legal rights And Obligations For That SV Tech Solution Service.


These Conditions And Terms, Along With Each Recognized Plan Order Posted On Your Part, The Appropriate Use Policy ("Aup") And Also The Online Privacy Policy, Condition The Whole Agreement Between You And Also M SV Tech Solution (The "Agreement").You Have To Accept The Conditions And Terms To Become Qualified To Make Use Of The SV Tech Solution Portal (Defined Below), Or Obtain Services (Defined Below). When You Purchase To Not Submit An Agenda Order, Then Your Entire "Agreement" Between You And Also SV Tech Solution Includes These Conditions And Terms, And Also The Aup And Also The Online Privacy Policy.


Certain Terms Defined In These Terms And Conditions Are Also Used In The Privacy Policy And Aup And Are Incorporated By Reference To These Terms And Conditions.


"You" Means You Individually, Any Person, Including Any Employer That You Are Acting On Behalf Of.

"SV Tech Solution"

"SV Tech Solution" Is The Service Mark Of Customer Focus Services. All References To SV Tech Solution Refer To Customer Focus Services.

"Services" And "SV Tech Solution Portal"

All References To "Services" Make Reference To Any SV Tech Solution Service Plan That You Simply Enter With SV Tech Solution By Way Of The SV Tech Solution Website Situated At World wide web.SV DIGI Tech.Internet (The "SV Tech Solution Portal"). These Conditions And Terms Govern All Plans Available With The SV Tech Solution Portal, And Then Any Utilisation Of The SV Tech Solution Portal. In Case Of Any Conflict These Conditions And Terms Control Any Plan Order Form That You Simply Submit Asking for Services ("Plan Order").


"Materials" Means Any Web Casts, Download Areas, White-colored-colored Papers, Press Bulletins, Datasheets, Faqs, Product Information, Quick Reference Guides, Or Other Works Of Any Type That Are Distributed Around Download Within The SV Tech Solution Portal Mentioned Materials Will Be The Proprietary And Copyrighted Work Of SV Tech Solution And/Or Its Providers. The Saying "Materials" Does not Are The Design Or Layout In The SV Tech Solution.Website Or Any Other SV Tech Solution Possessed, Operated, Licensed Or Controlled Site.


"Software" Means A Software Program Of Any Sort, Whether Possessed By SV Tech Solution Or A 3rd Party, Whether Shipped Via Download, Cd, Other Media, Or Any Other Delivery Method, Including Client And/Or Network Security Software. Aspects Of The Program Are Safe Under Copyright, Trade Secret, Unfair Competition, Along With Other Laws and regulations.

Submission Of Plan Orders Service Plans You Might Order Services By Posting Plan Orders With The SV Tech Solution Portal. Once SV Tech Solution Accepts The Program Order Posted On Your Part, Then You'll Get An Email From SV Tech Solution In The Current Email Address That You Simply Provide And Have Presented To SV Tech Solution Included In The Registration Process For That Services. SV Tech Option Would Be Not Accountable For Rendering Services Regarding The Any Plan Order It Hasn't Recognized. Upon Acceptance By SV Tech Solution Of The Plan Order, You'll Have A Service Plan.

Undertaking Susceptible To The Conditions And Terms, And Also The More Knowledge About Each Service Plan, SV Tech Solution Will Address Your Query Using In a commercial sense Reasonable Efforts In Supplying Appropriate Solutions Underneath The Services. Generally, SV Tech Solution Will Endeavour Problem Diagnosis Along With A Solution On The Phone, Through Chat Or Email. All Projects Under Service Plans Are Susceptible To SV Tech Solution's Limited Warranty, That Is Established Below. To Learn More USA - +1-646-878-6332.


Services Against Any Plan Order Is Going To Be Available After You Have Made Payment For Services Based On The Needs From The Corresponding Plan Order. SV Tech Solution Doesn't Have Obligation To Render Services Under Any Service Plan When The Repayments As Needed Under Any Plan Order Haven't Been So Made.

Cancellation Policy

If For Any Reason You Are Not Wholly Satisfied With The Service, We Will Make Every Effort To Resolve The Issue. If You Are Still Not Satisfied With The Same, We Offer A Money Back Policy As Follows:

Quarterly And Yearly Packages: If You Want To Cancel The Services Pointed out Above, You Are Able To Email Or Talk To Us To Remove yourself from list. However We Won't Issue A Complete Refund When You Cancel. That You Should Understand Our Money-back Policy, Here's A Good Example: Suppose You Go Searching For Our Yearly Package And Express It Costs $300, Should You Cancel The Help After 3 Several weeks, You'll Be Refunded $225.Because At $300 Each Year, You're Having to pay $25 Monthly. For 3 Several weeks And Services Information We Ask You For $75 And Also The Balance Is Going To Be Refunded.Furthermore You Will See A Cancellation Fee Of $25 On Cancellations Within 2 Several weeks In The Purchase Date. Exactly The Same Is applicable For Half Yearly Packages And Quarterly Packages.

If You Wish To Cancel A Subscription Service (Yearly, Half Yearly And Quarterly Service) Immediately After Purchasing It, The Refund Policy Is As Follows:

You Will Receive A Full Refund If The Initial Issue For Which You Contacted SV Tech Solution Is Not Resolved

If The Initial Issue Was Resolved, We Will Deduct $44.99 For The Initial Issue And Set Up Fees, There Will Be An Early Cancellation Fee Of $25. So The Total Deduction Will Be $69.99

The SV Tech Solution Privacy Which Is A Valuable Part Of Individuals Stipulations Is Incorporated Here By Reference. In The Event You Have Not Yet Reviewed The SV Tech Solution Privacy, Then Please So Right Before Tallying To Individuals Stipulations. You Agree That Beyond The Personal Data Recognized Inside The Privacy, Any Information Or Data Revealed Or Shipped To SV Tech Solution On The Telephone, Digitally Otherwise, Is not Private Or Proprietary For You Personally.

Acceptable Use Policy (Aup)

The SV Tech Solution Acceptable Use Policy Is An Essential Part Of Those Conditions And Terms And It Is Incorporated Here By Reference. Should You Haven't Yet Reviewed The SV Tech Solution Aup, Then Please So Just Before Saying yes To Those Conditions And Terms. You Agree That The Utilisation Of The SV Tech Solution Portal, The Help, And/Or Any Materials Will Comply With And Become Controlled By The Aup Particularly, In Addition To These Conditions And Terms And Also The Online Privacy Policy Generally.

Visitors: Limited License To Make Use Of Of SV Tech Solution Portal Services Against Any Plan Order Is Going To Be Available After You Have Made Payment For Services Based On The Needs From The Corresponding Plan Order. SV Tech Solution Doesn't Have Obligation To Render Services Under Any Service Plan When The Repayments As Needed Under Any Plan Order Haven't Been So Made.

Like A Guest You Can Utilize The SV Tech Solution Portal And Materials (Defined Below) Particularly Designated As Open To Visitors Around The SV Tech Solution Portal For That Limited Reasons Of (A) Determining Whether Or Not To Sign Up For The Help Supplied By SV Tech Solution, (B) Registering With SV Tech Solution And Posting Plan Orders Only. This License Grant Is Really A Non-Exclusive Revocable License.Visitors: Limited License To Utilize Of SV Tech Solution Portal Services Against Any Plan Order Will Probably Be Available Once You Have Made Payment For Services In Line With The Needs In The Corresponding Plan Order. SV Tech Solution Does not Have Obligation To Render Services Under Any Service Plan Once The Repayments When Needed Under Any Plan Order Weren't So Made.

Communications Services

SV Tech Solution May Supply You With The Utilization Of E-Mail Services, Addresses, Bulletin Board Services, Im Services, Chat Areas, News Groups, Forums, Towns, Personal Webpages, Calendars, File Cabinets And/Or Any Other Message Or Communication Facilities Designed To Help You Talk To SV Tech Solution's Employees Yet Others As Appropriate For Your Service Within Plan Order (Each A "Communication Service" And With each other "Communication Services"). Communications Services Shall Simply Be Used Under An Recognized Plan Order, And Never For Just About Any Other Purpose.

Limited Licenses To Use The SV Tech Solution Portal, Materials And Software As Permitted Through A Service, You May Use Materials And Software (As Defined Below) Posted On The SV Tech Solution Portal, Or Made Available In Connection With A Plan Order Which May Be Available For Additional Purposes And Or Subject To Additional Restrictions.

General License Restrictions

Any Other Use Of The SV Tech Solution Portal, Services, Materials Or Software, Other Than As Explicitly Permitted By SV Tech Solution Is Prohibited. Rights To Execute, Copy, Modify, Display, Transmit, Distribute, Manufacture, Use, Sale Are All Reserved To SV Tech Solution And Its Suppliers. Reverse Engineering And Recompilation Of The Software Is Strictly Prohibited.

User Responsibility

In Connection With Obtaining Services, You Agree That You Will:

1. Cooperate With The SV Tech Solution Engineer: We Will Use Commercially Reasonable Efforts To Provide The Support To You. Our Experience Shows That Most Issues Can Be Corrected As A Result Of Close Cooperation Between You And The Engineer. Please Listen Carefully To The Engineer And Follow The Engineer's Instructions. You Must Confirm That The Following Conditions Are True:

1.1 The Situation Giving Rise To The Question Is Reproducible On A Single System, I.E., One Central Processing Unit With Its Workstations And Other Peripherals;

1.2 You Must Have Knowledge Regarding The Hardware System, Any Software Involved, And In The Facts And Circumstances Surrounding The Incident;

1.3 The Full System, Including Software And Hardware, Is Available To You And Accessible By You Without Limit During Any Telephone Discussions Or Remote Technical Support With SV Tech Solution Support Personnel.

2. Software/Data Backup: You Understand And Agree That SV Tech Solution Shall Under No Circumstance Be Responsible For Any Lost Or Corrupted Software Or Data. SV Tech Solution Strongly Recommends That You At All Times Maintain A Complete Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Plan.

3. Account, Password, And Security: You Agree To Notify SV Tech Solution Immediately Of Any Unauthorized Use Of Your Computer Or Any Other Breach Of Security. SV Tech Solution Will Not Be Liable For Any Loss That You May Incur As A Result Of Someone Else Using Your Computer, Either With Or Without Your Knowledge. However, You Could Be Held Liable For Losses Incurred By SV Tech Solution Or Another Party Due To Someone Else Using Your Computer.

Availability Of Services And Materials Under Force Majuere Circumstances

You Hereby Acknowledge That Conditions Outdoors Of SV Tech Solution's Reasonable Control (E.G., Functions Of God, A Sizable Scale Outbreak Of The New Trojan, Strikes, Riots, Wars, Other Military Action, Civil Disorder, Functions Of Terrorism, Fires, Surges, Vandalism, Sabotage, Functions Of Organizations, Or Even The Like) Could Cause Significant Delays In SV Tech Solution's Capability To Plan A Support Session. You Hereby Release SV Tech Solution From All Liability, And Agree That SV Tech Solution Shall 't Be Prone To You Or Any 3rd Party For Just About Any Direct Or Indirect Damages Whatsoever, Caused By Such Delays. SV Tech Solution Or Its Providers May, Anytime, Without Warning Or Liability, Restrict Using The Service Or Limit It Is Time Of Availability To Be Able To Perform Maintenance Activities And Also To Maintain Session Control.

Exclusions From "Services"

"Services" Shall Not Include The Following:

1. Any Item Or Activity Not Covered By The Terms Of A Plan Order;

2. Service Beyond The Duration Limitations Identified In Your Plan Order;

3. Problem Diagnosis And Support That May Not Be Completed Because Of A Problem With Your Computer Or Other Equipment, Or Their Configuration That Is Beyond Our Control;

4. Software, Including The Operating System And Software Added To The Registered Hardware Products Which Are Out Of Scope For The Service Plan;

5. Problems That May And Do Result From:

5.1 External Causes Such As Accident, Abuse, Misuse, Or Problems With Electrical Power;

5.2 Usage That Is Not In Accordance With Product Instructions Provided By Manufacture;

5.3 Failure To Follow The Product Instructions Provided By Manufacturer Or Failure To Perform Preventive Maintenance;

5.4 Problems Caused By Using Accessories, Parts, Or Components Not Compatible With The Product: Or

5.5 Non-Compliance With The SV Tech Solution Engineer Instructions For Resolving The Query.

Notice Specific To Materials And Software Available On The SV Tech Solution Portal, Or Through A Service For Your Convenience, SV Tech Solution May Make Available Materials Or Software (As Each Term Is Defined Below) For Use And/Or Download, Whether As A Part Of A Service, Or In Promotion Of The Services. Use Of Any Materials And Any Software Is Governed By The More Stringent Of (A) The Terms Of The End User License Agreement ("Eula"), If Any, Which Accompanies The Specific Materials And Software, Or (B) If There Is No Eula, These Terms And Conditions.

The Materials And Software Are Made Available For Download Solely For Use By You According To (A) The Eula, And (B) The Plan Order. Any Reproduction Or Redistribution Of The Service Not In Accordance With The Eula Is Expressly Prohibited By Law, And May Result In Severe Civil And Criminal Penalties. Violators Will Be Prosecuted To The Maximum Extent Possible.

No Logo, Graphic, Sound Or Image From Any SV Tech Solution Web Site May Be Copied Or Retransmitted Unless Expressly Permitted By SV Tech Solution.

Without Limiting The Foregoing, Copying Or Reproduction Of The Materials Or Software To Any Other Server Or Location For Further Reproduction, Redistribution Or Any Other Purpose Is Expressly Prohibited, Unless Such Reproduction Or Redistribution Is Expressly Permitted By The Eula Accompanying Such Material Or Software.

End User License Agreements (Eula)- General

Regarding The Our Service, We Might Provide For You Certain Software That Is Possessed By SV Tech Solution Or Its 3rd Party Licensors, And Providers. We Along With The 3rd Party Licensors Reserve The Authority To Update Or Alter The Software Every So Often And Also You Accept Cooperate In Carrying out Such Steps As Might Be Essential To Install Any Updates Or Upgrades Towards The Software. You Can Utilize The Program Only Included In, Or Use With, The Service In Compliance Using The Service Plan As Well As For Not One Other Purpose.

The Software May Be Accompanied By A Eula From SV Tech Solution Or A Third Party. Your Use Of The Software Is Governed By The Terms Of Both That License Agreement And This Agreement, Where Applicable. You May Not Install Or Use Any Software That Is Accompanied By Or Includes A Eula Unless You First Agree To The Terms And Conditions Of The Eula.

Third Party Software

Included In The Services, SV Tech Solution Might Point To That You Simply Acquire, Install And Employ Certain 3rd Party Software ("3rd Party Software"). 3rd Party Software Programs Are Licensed For You Through The Particular Proprietors Or Licensees From The 3rd Party Software. You Have To Accept The Conditions And Terms Established By Such Proprietors Or Licensees Before Installing 3rd Party Software, Whether SV Tech Solution Directly Assists You Within The Acquisition, Installation, And/Or Utilization Of 3rd Party Software. SV Tech Solution Doesn't Have Legal rights Towards The 3rd Party Software And Doesn't License 3rd Party Software For You Or Make Any Representation Or Warranty Concerning The 3rd Party Software.

Your License To The SV Tech Solution Software Shall Remain In Full Force And Effect Unless And Until Terminated By SV Tech Solution, Its Third Party Licensors, Providers Or Suppliers, Or Until Your Service Plan Is Terminated As Provided By Your Plan Order And These Terms And Conditions. Upon Termination Of Your Service Plan For Any Reason, You Must Cease All Use Of The SV Tech Solution Software And Immediately Delete The SV Tech Solution Software From Your Computer.

To The Extent That We Provide Technical Assistance And Support For Third Party Software Or Equipment, You Must Ensure That You Comply With The Terms And Conditions Under Which You Licensed Such Third Party Software Or Purchased Such Equipment. We Make No Warranty That We Are An Authorized Service Provider For Third Party Software Or For Any Equipment; It Is Your Sole Responsibility To Determine If You Require Additional Rights For Us To Provide Such Support, And If So, To Acquire Such Rights. You Acknowledge That Support Of Third Party Software Or Equipment By An Unauthorized Service Provider May Void Any Warranty Made By The Supplier Of Such Third Party Software Or Equipment.

Third Party Agreements

As Part Of The Services, SV Tech Solution May Suggest Certain Third Party Services To You. If You Choose To Subscribe To Or Otherwise Use Any Third Party Services, Your Use Of Any Such Services Is Subject To The Terms Of Service Of Such Third Party Service Provider. You Agree To Comply With Such Provider's Terms Of Service And That The Third Party Provider Is Solely Responsible For Delivery Of Its Service(S) To You And Your Use Of Them. Third Party Services Include, But Are Not Limited To Technical Support, Portal, Training, Music, Gaming And Storage Services That SV Tech Solution May Elect To Make Available From Time To Time. Violation Of Such Third Party Provider's Terms Of Service May, In SV Tech Solution's Sole Discretion, Result In The Termination Of Your Customer Account And Use Of Service.

Limited Service Warranty

SV Tech Solution Disclaims All Warranties Express Or Implied As To The Services, The Materials And The Software Whether In The Nature Of Mertchantability Or Fitness For A Particular Purpose, Or Otherwise. In The Event That You Are Not Satisfied With The Services, Your Sole Remedy Is To (A) Allow SV Tech Solution To Reperform The Services Subject To Dispute, (B) Re-Download And Reinstall The Software.

SV Tech Solution Service Plans Come With A 7- Day, 30- Day, 60- Day Or 90-Day And 1-Year Limited Service Warranty As Provided In Online Documentation.

SV Tech Solution And/Or Its Respective Suppliers Make No Representations About The Suitability Of The Information Contained In The Services, Materials Or The Software For Any Purpose Whatsoever. All Materials And Software Are Provided "As Is" Without Warranty Of Any Kind Whatsoever. SV Tech Solution And/Or Its Respective Suppliers Hereby Disclaim All Warranties And Conditions With Regard To This Information, Including All Warranties And Conditions Of Merchantability, Whether Express, Implied Or Statutory, Fitness For A Particular Purpose, Title And Non-Infringement.

The Materials Could Include Technical Inaccuracies Or Typographical Errors. Changes Are Periodically Added To The Information Herein. SV Tech Solution And/Or Its Respective Suppliers May Make Improvements And/Or Changes In The Materials And/Or The Software Described Herein At Any Time.

In No Event Shall SV Tech Solution And/Or Its Respective Suppliers Be Liable For Any Special, Indirect Or Consequential Damages Or Any Damages Whatsoever Resulting From Loss Of Use, Data Or Profits, Whether In An Action Of Contract, Negligence Or Other Tortious Action, Arising Out Of Or In Connection With The Use Or Performance Of Services, Materials Or Software, Failure To Provide The Same, Or Information Available In The Materials.

Limitation Of Liability

Notwithstanding Anything To The Contrary, In No Event Shall SV Tech Solution Be Liable To You In Excess Of The Amounts Actually Paid By You To SV Tech Solution Under The Plan Order That Is The Subject Of The Dispute.

Limitations On Actions

Any Cause Of Action By You Must Be Commenced Within One (1) Year After The Cause Of Action Arose Or It Shall Be Forever Waived And Barred.

Term And Termination

SV Tech Solution At Its Sole Election May Terminate Or Suspend Your Service Immediately Without Notice If, In The Sole Discretion Of SV Tech Solution:

(A) You Are In Breach Of Any Of The Terms And Conditions (Including But Not Limited To All Policies Regarding Abuse And Acceptable Use Of The Service) Or Any License For Third Party Software;

(B) Your Use Of The Service Is Prohibited By Law Or Is Disruptive To, Adversely Impacts Or Causes A Malfunction To The Service, SV Tech Solution's Network, Or The Use And Enjoyment Of SV Tech Solution's Other Users;

(C) SV Tech Solution Receives An Order From A Court To Terminate The Service You Are Using ;

(D) If SV Tech Solution For Any Reason Ceases To Offer The Service;

(E) If You Are No Longer A SV Tech Solution Customer, Or

(F) SV Tech Solution Determines That You Are Abusing The Service.

SV Tech Solution, In Its Sole Discretion, May Refuse To Accept Your Request For The Service, Renewal Or Re-Subscription Following A Termination Or Suspension Of Your Use Of The Service.

Severability; Waiver

If Any Provision Of The Terms Of Service Be Held Invalid Or Unenforceable, That Portion Shall Be Enforced To The Maximum Extent Possible, And All Other Provisions Contained In The Terms Of Service Shall Remain In Full Force And Effect. SV Tech Solution's Failure To Enforce Any Provision Of The Terms Of Service Shall Not Be Deemed A Waiver Of Such Provision Nor Of The Right To Enforce Such Provision.

No Offer

The SV Tech Solution Portal Is Available Internationally And May Contain References To SV Tech Solution Products, Services, And Programs That Are Not Available In A Viewer's Country. These References Do Not Imply That SV Tech Solution Intends To Make Such Products, Services, Or Programs Available In Such Country.


SV Tech Solution Reserves The Right To Amend The Terms And Condition, And The SV Tech Solution Portal At Any Time By (A) Posting A Revised Version Of The Terms And Conditions On The SV Tech Solution Portal, Or By (B) Sending Information Regarding Any Amendment To The Terms Of Service To The Email Address You Provide To SV Tech Solution In Connection With Registration. You Are Responsible For Regularly Reviewing The SV Tech Solution Website To Be Notified Of Any Amendments To The Terms And Conditions. Your Use Of The SV Tech Solution Portal Or The Services After An Amendment To The Terms And Conditions Shall Be Deemed Acceptance By You Of The Amended Terms And Conditions.

Law; Forum

This Agreement And The Rights And Obligations Of The Parties Under This Agreement And Any Disputes Arising Out Of Or In Connection With This Agreement Shall Be Governed In All Respects By The Laws Of The State Of California Without Regard To Conflicts Of Law Principles That Would Require The Application Of The Laws Of Any Other Jurisdiction

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